Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Utter Otis

I'm starting to get a bit concerned. As you can see from the photo, the tumor is continuing to grow. With surgery not being an option, how long can a tumor grow before something needs to be done? This is heartbreaking stuff. Stairs are suddenly an adventure for the guy as the tumor gets in the way of his ascent and descent. And when he lays down he lays all cattywompous because it's obviously in his way. Or he is forced to lie on his right side only. But he likes to sleep on his belly. Other than the protruding nature of it, Otis is in pretty decent spirits. He's been carrying his ball in his mouth again and he's back to pinching the construction workers lunches at the end of the block on a daily basis. Today I heard one of them shouting at him to get out of something - most likely a bologna sandwich. The drugs are making Otis hungrier than normal, and he's already always been abnormally hungry. Hence the weight gain on top of the tumor itself. Tomorrow I will pay a visit to Dr. J for some refills on herbs and I will ask if surgery is something we should consider. I fear that going in and messing with the tumor could be the death of him, but we'll see what the good doctor has to say about it. If the tumor continues at this pace, I don't see what other option there is. Grrr...

This was Otis walking toward daylight this afternoon. I wanted to get a shot where you could see his miniature cow-like feature.

And then followed Olav, who before Otis got sick had absolutely zero interest in the old dog. Now he shadows him everywhere he goes. He even follows us on our walks. It's quite beautiful and makes you absolutely accept the cat without condition, which for this cat is saying A LOT!

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